The Continuous Cycle That Is Social Media Marketing
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The Continuous Cycle That Is Social Media Marketing

February 12, 2020

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo 

Marketing via social media is a bit like riding a bike: you have to keep pedalling that cycle or the lack of momentum will make it fall over.

Many professionals beginning with social media as part of their marketing mix fail to recognise that continual movement is a critical part of making the medium work.  You can’t buy or build the bike, lean it up against the wall, and somehow expect it to take you somewhere.  Nor can you set up a social media channel or two, load an avatar and bio, and then expect prospects to fall all over themselves wanting to do business with you.

To use social media effectively one must begin as you would with any other form of marketing: have a clear strategy for getting in front of a clearly defined target audience.  Then comes the pedalling….

In this weeks quick tips video we explain the ongoing process that you must be willing to engage in if you want social media to be an effective contributor to the marketing of your brand….

Watch the video to learn more…

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