The Common Sense approach to getting clients to ACT
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The Common Sense approach to getting clients to ACT

September 23, 2013

by Tony Vidler

A continual challenge for many professional advisers is to find a way to prompt clients to get on and act on the advice given.  All too often it is right at the point of implementation that a client finds a reason to delay…or suddenly fails to see any urgency to act.

A very simple tool that is worth keeping handy is a graphic that shows the positive effect of getting on with something quickly, and with commitment.

Perhaps more importantly, it highlights how time delay or lack of commitment combine to make things all the more difficult….and this little visual is often sufficient for clients to realise that the best course of action is to just get on with it.

In this quick video we look at the graphic and explain the effects of insufficient commitment, or a time delay on realising a goal.


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  • This supports the common sense position that knowledge is inert. only APPLIED knowledge is power.

    Bill Gelwick
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