The 20 point Marketing & Prospecting Plan
Sales & Marketing for Professional Services

The 20 point Marketing & Prospecting Plan

July 29, 2013

By Tony Vidler

Marketing & Prospecting checklist for financial advisorsA successful financial services business does not leave its marketing and prospecting to chance.  There is a systematic approach which is logical, and sequential.  It covers the big picture strategic thinking and works down to micro-managing the implementation of the strategy.

Here are the 20 steps to creating a marketing and prospecting machine:

1.  Determine the Ideal client profile

2.  Identify your Secondary (“good”) client profile

3.  Identify the core value proposition for target market

4.  Articulate and craft the value proposition in client-benefit terms

5.  Identify where the target clients can most easily be found (where are their watering holes?)

6.  Establish your Marketing budget

7.  Establish process for new client welcome & sign on

8.  Establish process for ongoing client servicing

9.  Establish client acquisition and prospecting goals (know what success will look like)

10.  Design prospecting & Center-of-Influence (COI) activity plan (schedule and plan the workload)

11.  Create pro-active campaign plan to stay in front of target market (don’t just wait for them to come to you)

12.  Allocate time to ongoing marketing revision & analysis (manage what you measure!)

13.  Allocate regular time to developing new potential COI’s

14.  Build & maintain prospect database

15.  Develop a structured approach to target clients (focussed on value proposition)

16.  Develop a structured approach to potential COI’s for target market

17.  Ensure there is a personalized follow through process for referred leads (including follow through to referrers)

18.  Design & implement systematic engagement marketing process to target market (maintain top-of-mind awareness; establish expertise))

19.  Ensure an ongoing content-creation process is established for engagement marketing

20.  Get on with it, and put the plan into action.  Start now….it is as easy now as it is ever going to be.

The last step is possibly the most critical one of the 20….

You have to implement the grand plan.

just do it: marketing and prospecting for financial advisors


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