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A Great Adviser is, or should be, a Thought Leader
by Tony Vidler         “Thought leaders are the informed opinion leaders and the go-to people in their field of expertise. They are trusted sources who move and inspire people with innovative ideas; turn ideas into reality, and know and show how to replicate their success.”    Somebody a few years ago called me a “thought leader”, […]
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Why Advisers Need to Take The Lead On Providing Financial Literacy
by Tony Vidler There is an increasing rush to provide Robo-offerings from institutions and an increasing amount of angst from advisers wondering how to combat it. The way to combat it is for us – the advisory side of the business – to educate consumers. WE, the advisers, need to take responsibility for providing financial […]
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What I’ve learned while falling in love with using social media for business
by Tony Vidler        About 4 years ago I finally switched on to the power and potential of social media for business.  Ok, so I’m slow, but I eventually get there…   Ever since I did “get it” though I have found myself having Groundhog Day conversations with professionals because so many still don’t get […]
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An easy way to get a client to pay you for insurance advice – and be happy doing it!
by Tony Vidler There is a remarkably simple way to use the high up-front commission system on life insurance products (as it exists in this part of the world anyway) for the benefit of the client and the adviser.  And it sure doesn’t hurt the insurer.  In fact, I can’t imagine regulators having too many […]
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It’s A No-Brainer: Get Better Email
by Tony Vidler        Possibly THE most important marketing tool any professional has is their email.  It is the critical link between marketing and sales….the thing that connects the leads, or opportunities created by your marketing efforts, into engaged prospects and ultimately clients. The funny thing is nearly everyone understands how important it is to get […]
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creating customer convenience
The Professional Services Firm Model Of The Future Is Possibly A "Fast Food Alley"
by Tony Vidler        Ever noticed how the fast food stores tend to cluster together as some sort of “fast food alley”?   Have you ever wondered why?   There is a “convenience” element for the typical customer of course, however there is a more important reason – which might just be a useful lesson […]
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