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A Good Financial Adviser MUST Consider Risk Management
by Tony Vidler         Financial planners and professional advisers who do not tackle risk management issues thoroughly for clients do the clients a disservice.   Perhaps that is a little challenging to some of todays professionals, however too many advisers seem to struggle with positioning risk management in their suite of services to clients.  It seems […]
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How going Low-Tech is best!
by Tony Vidler. As advisers become more compliance-focused, and attain more technical expertise, there is a real risk of getting too clever – and clients not understanding what you are talking about.  It is helpful to have some simple techniques that cut through to the heart of the matter and show them precisely what you […]
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Underwrite at proposal time, or claim time?
 by Tony Vidler. When does your client want to have the drama with their insurance company? At underwriting time, or at claim time?   An confusing facet of the life & personal risk insurance business is the perception that some companies are easier to do business with than others due to underwriting processes….and while that […]
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