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You got my attention…now what?
by Tony Vidler An area that many advisers struggle with is creating interesting conversations that intrigue clients enough to want to hear more.  It is all well and good getting the attention initially, but what do you do next? In the decision-making cycle most humans engage in, getting attention is simply the first step…but then […]
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professional selling as a financial advisor
Re-kindle the (almost) forgotten art of selling!
 by Tony Vidler. Advisers: Good advice process is not enough. Being technically competent is not enough. You have to sell. There, we said the dirty word out loud. “Sell”. You have to sell if you are going to be effective at your job as a professional financial adviser. Over the last couple of years there […]
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The Secret to Valuing Advice
by Tony Vidler. Putting a value upon advice is a tough issue – for advisers and consumers.There is a pretty basic concept as far as “Value” goes for any consumer purchase though, and it can be put into a formula: “Value = Benefits – Cost“ For a consumer something is valuable if the benefits exceed […]
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