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Big Ticks: Best Stories For Professionals This Week
by Tony Vidler         Information, ideas, tips…the articles for those giving professional advice which I spotted this week that generate fresh thinking or a deeper understanding of issues are provided here as a quick readers digest for professionals who are looking ahead. These are the highlights from the week that you should stop and read, as they are […]
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Niche or Nest: Which is Best?
by Tony Vidler        The concept of niche marketing causes a lot of confusion, so I thought I’d add to the confusion by adding in “nest marketing” at the same time as challenging the view that professionals should find “A” niche.   The easiest way for me to explain the difference between niche marketing and […]
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How To Become A Recognised Expert
by Tony Vidler        Many general practitioners would like to be seen and accepted as a recognised expert in a particular area, and for many of them this is a genuine opportunity.   The competency, depth of knowledge or mastery of subject, and professionalism are all there more often than not.  They are already actually experts […]
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Your Value Proposition is the hook it all hangs on…
by Tony Vidler If there is one thing that makes an immediate difference to any professional’s marketing success it is having a clear and concise value proposition. It also seems to be one of the hardest things for professionals to articulate though, and many struggle for years trying to get it feeling right for themselves. […]
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Give clients the Red Carpet. (But only a small one!)
by Tony Vidler What is more effective: running a client seminar with 100 guests, or running 5 client events of only a dozen or so at a time? Research suggests that the best financial advisers tend to run smaller and more intimate client appreciation events, and do them regularly. The best advisers roll out the […]
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The Professional Branding Challenge: how to look different while blending in
by Tony Vidler When it comes to creating a personal brand as a professional, the real challenge is how to look different – while blending in. You cannot afford to look any less professional than your peers or competitors.  To a certain degree there is a market expectation that you WILL look the same…behave the […]
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Positioning Powers Elite Performance
by Tony Vidler The elite performing financial advisers are substantially better at positioning themselves than average advisers are. Nothing  new in that perhaps…but there is evidence that they are getting 2.5 X MORE business from new clients than average advisers.  And to really highlight the performance difference they are getting vastly higher business levels from […]
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How to find your "niche"
by Tony Vidler Have you worked out your niche?  That absolute sweet spot where what you are fabulous at overlaps with what you love doing, and it is something that other people value and will pay you for? It is not a simple thing to find…and to be honest I think I am only just […]
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