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What is “Good” Content To Use In Your Marketing?
by Tony Vidler        With prospects taking longer than ever to convert into clients, “good” content has become king as that is what keeps them engaged as they move along their buying journey.  Notice I said “good” content…..not just any old content.   But what is “good”?  Content which is good is the content which […]
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How often is too often to send emails?
by Tony Vidler        “How often should I send emails?” is the perpetual question asked by professionals who are beginning to build an engagement marketing system or lifting their client communications and services standards.   The objective is to find that balance between being continually present, but without being a nuisance.   The bad news is […]
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An advisers engagement process might look something like this…
by Tony Vidler        It is a rarity for a new customer to walk in off the street and just decide to buy some insurance or an investment product or a bit of planning from you, right?   That probably hasn’t happened for 10 years (if ever!).   So how do they decide to buy […]
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importance of frequent contact
The Importance of Frequent Contact
by Tony Vidler        Professionals underestimate the importance of frequent contact with clients and prospective clients. “Frequent contact” does of course mean being in touch often. How often is often enough though?  For a long while the mantra was “be in touch every 90 days”, and that was in a time of expensively printed paper […]
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Selling is Dead. Long Live The New Marketing King.
By Tony Vidler While financial advisers have been figuring out how to get compliant over the last few years, consumers went and pulled a dirty trick while we weren’t watching closely: they changed how they buy stuff, including buying professional services. The change has already happened of course. The old world of “Push” selling to […]
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Get People To Focus On YOUR Message
By Tony Vidler As our clients and prospects get bombarded with more and more stuff each day, we have to work that much harder to make our valuable content stand out and get noticed. It is a challenge when we never set out to be journalists, or professional writers, or whatever. BUT   Maybe we […]
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content marketing for financial advisors
Sharing your content: how much leg should a lady show?
by Tony Vidler        When it comes to content sharing, how much is too much?  Or not enough?   An ongoing challenge for all of us in the information age who are looking to stand out professionally is how to get the balance right in our content marketing.  Or as I like to think of […]
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Is an ideal prospect worth $2.50 per year to you?
by Tony Vidler An incredibly powerful prospecting tool is the humble newsletter. You can build,and maintain, top of mind brand awareness.  You can establish or reinforce expert positioning.  Your reach can be extraordinary – particularly so with an e-zine or email-based newsletter. In the digital age it can – if done well – become almost […]
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