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The good life or financial freedom?
 by Tony Vidler. The Financial Services Council (FSC) has just issued issued a statement summarising some recommendations they were making regarding national retirement savings, following research it had conducted in New Zealand. The link to the full report is at the end of this article. The report is extremely interesting, though missed the mark in […]
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Financial Adviser dinosaurs
The Financial Adviser Dinosaur: Not yet extinct
by Tony Vidler         Despite all the changes in financial services over recent years the “Financial Adviser Dinosaur” is far from extinct. Bear in mind that pretty much everything I know about dinosaurs has been learned from watching all the Jurassic Park movies – twice, so I am a bit of an authority on them. […]
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Financial advice less beneficial than prostitution?
 by Tony Vidler. The latest financial services regulation development in New Zealand has an interesting twist. One has an immediate sense that somehow financial advisers have just swapped places with the prostitution business. By that I do not suggest that now financial advisers are trading in sexual favours of course, or that sex-workers are offering […]
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Underwrite at proposal time, or claim time?
 by Tony Vidler. When does your client want to have the drama with their insurance company? At underwriting time, or at claim time?   An confusing facet of the life & personal risk insurance business is the perception that some companies are easier to do business with than others due to underwriting processes….and while that […]
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5 Marketing "places to be"
 by Tony Vidler. Free marketing always appeals, and it is often said that “any publicity is good publicity”? That’s an exaggeration of course as not all publicity is actually good – some can cripple a business or brand. However, any publicity (or marketing) that is free AND where you can control the content has to […]
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single professional body for financial advice
Single would be fantastic!
 by Tony Vidler. I’d best let you down gently right at the beginning – this is not a gleeful little tale of a single persons interesting life. It is about the possibility of one type of “singledom” for an industry, that can result in more people loving it. With all the change and raising of […]
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financial advisor branding
What's in a name?
by Tony Vidler.…that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Shakespeare raises an interesting line of thought with that quote:  something is called a particular name only because that is what the majority of humans agreed to call it.  A rose could just as easily have been called a […]
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WOMBAT is the word!
by Tony Vidler. A couple of recent conversations reminded me that there is one single thing that is continually forgotten, or under-utilized, in the marketing efforts of professional advisers – TESTIMONIALS! You may well ask what this has to do with a Wombat – you may even wonder what the heck a Wombat is.  Humor […]
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