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attracting affluent clients
Don't go fishing in the forest
by Tony Vidler See if you can find any correlation here: 1. Relatively few financial advisers are active, let alone have mastered, the key social media platforms. 2. The majority of affluent investors are active on a select few key social media platforms. 3. The Holy Grail for many financial advice professionals is to attract […]
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seminar selling for financial advisors
20-point Checklist for Seminar Selling
by Tony Vidler Many advisers feel that seminars are so last-year as a method of prospecting for new clients, and yet, so many advisers continue to do fantastically well with them. As with most things in sales and marketing of professional services you can take a short-cut to success by learning the lessons of others […]
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financial services market regulator responsibility
Where are the (market) police when you need them?
by Tony Vidler Once again a survey shows Financial Advisers are not a trustworthy lot. Shame on us. Shame! Actually…shame on the survey companies and shame on the media for latching onto sparse data and turning it into tabloid headlines that actually breed further distrust. And shame on market regulators for allowing the nonsense to […]
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Bak distribution of financial services
Bank on this: Product sellers are doomed
by Tony Vidler In financial services we have talked about it for some years, and there is no doubt that the banking institutions have been much better and more effective marketers of financial services than all other institutions. While reading a superb report on the State of the Kiwisaver Industry in New Zealand by Colin […]
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center of influence referral marketing
Take a long lunch…it will be good for business!
by Tony Vidler        Tom Peters suggested many years ago that 250 of the most effective marketing activities a professional could engage in were weekday lunches. That is perhaps a bit excessive in today’s environment (and for ageing waistlines), but the concept is more important than ever before.   People often ask how to create and cultivate […]
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financial adviser compliance & regulation
How to deal with compliance concerns
by Tony Vidler What’s the issue  with all this compliance stuff in financial services? Well…there are two issues really. The first is there is too much of it, and the second is that because there is too much of it advisers don’t know how to tackle it. There is an entire “compliance industry” now that naturally suggests […]
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referral generation for financial advisers
How to position yourself for referrals from clients
by Tony Vidler Getting referrals on an ongoing basis from happy clients largely comes down to positioning for them correctly. Put some thought into how you will position the expectation, and when you will do it in your client engagement, to increase your chances of success. Most importantly though, earn the right to them and […]
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LinkedIN for Financial Advisers
The Top 10 Tips for Advisers to get some LinkedIN Love
by Tony Vidler More and more professionals are coming to realise that LinkedIn is a place where they just HAVE to be. It is already a part of establishing your professional credibility in the connected world. I’ve been a Linkedin fan and avid user for a few years now, and it is a critical part […]
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How elite advisers stay in top gear
by Tony Vidler Elite high performing advisers have high performance routines. You don’t have to read on or view the video now, I’ve just given you the secret… …honesty time though: the headline is a LITTLE misleading…nobody stays in top gear perpetually.  Top performers DO know how to keep things rolling along at optimum performance […]
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The New Paradigm of Professional Services Marketing
by Tony Vidler There has been a significant paradigm shift in how professional services marketing and sales functions interact. A fundamental change to how we understand and use the knoweldge of the consumers emotional buying cycle has already happened. The traditional view of “marketing generating leads” and then “sales converting leads into customers” held that […]
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