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Automating social media for financial advisors
I, Robot: (Not)!
by Tony Vidler Am I a Robot if I automate my business? In financial services we generally accept that it is a wise move to automate as much as possible in our processes. The arguments for doing so largely revolve around efficiency, reliability, and risk management.  That is, automating simply makes good business sense as […]
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financial advisor sales & marketing
Prospecting has never been easier…for some!
by Tony Vidler What is the biggest day to day business problem for a financial adviser? If you polled 100 advisers with this simple question I would wager that more than half would answer: “getting enough new business prospects to meet my business objectives”. Prospecting has always been one of the toughest challenges, and remains […]
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financial advice opportunity
The Financial Adviser business opportunities post-regulation
by Tony Vidler The industry training for financial advice in New Zealand recently conducted a fascinating study into the NZ advice industry.  The study by The Skills Organisation explored the composition of the industry, especially in terms of employment status, level of learning and areas of business focus. Even a couple of years after regulatory […]
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creating content your customers want
Creating content your customers want
by Tony Vidler One of the biggest challenges for financial advisers is how to continually create content for their marketing and customer service strategies that customers enjoy and value. The three key things that your content must deliver will be covered in detail just below, but let’s begin unravelling the problem with acknowledging a plain […]
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Having Clarity of Purpose
by Tony Vidler One of the most interesting things that happened this week was listening to a successful adviser describe his confusion over his purpose. Lost in the detail of juggling compliance requirements, technical learning and delivery of reports to clients, he was feeling overwhelmed and wondering what his purpose was. The work that he […]
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The Power of Visual Aids
by Tony Vidler As advisers, we talk a lot. And the language of our profession has its own vocabulary that not everybody else understands.  And we have to provide a lot of stuff in writing in order to be compliant.  That doesn’t always help consumers understanding. In addition to that, not everybody out there learns the same […]
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Making the move: Product Rep to Personal Adviser
by Tony Vidler One of the toughest things for an adviser to do is make the move from a product representative living only on success fees, or commissions only, to being a valued adviser getting paid for their expertise. In this edition of quick tips we explain how to begin making the transition (in whole […]
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financial advisory prospecting
Suspects versus Prospects
by Tony Vidler It may seem a little strange to talk about Prospecting 101, but recently I have worked with some younger/newer financial advisers and was amazed to find that nobody has ever actually taught them some business basics. Many of the newer advisers coming into the business are very bright – far more so […]
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Your Business Success Formula
by Tony Vidler Your business success as a financial adviser can be reduced to a fairly simple formula.  There are 3 things that will determine your financial performance, and there are 6 variables that influence those three things.  In this quick video you can find out what they are, how they work together, and what […]
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Clever businesses forgetting to be smart
by Tony Vidler As everyone races to use new technologies and do cool new things in a bid to be different, there is a real risk of losing sight of the essentials. The business basics. Like, answering a customer enquiry. A friend drew my attention to a short piece of research done in the UK on how […]
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