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What Prospects Want When They Google You
by Tony Vidler        We all know that the majority of potential customers these days will Google the service they think they might need…even if they have been referred to you, they will Google you to check you out a lot of the time.  So what do they go looking for mostly?   It isn’t […]
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Could you be a Thought Leader?
by Tony Vidler         A big phrase of the moment for anyone in professional services is “Thought Leadership”. Everywhere you turn someone is writing or saying “be a thought leader”…and nearly every audience asks “what is a Thought Leader, and how do you get there?”   To put it in its most simple terms, it […]
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The 4 Actions Needed To Create A Personal Service Production Line
by Tony Vidler        An ongoing challenge for any service business is to create “Mass Personalisation”, or something akin to a factory production line that delivers constant quality efficiently, but which still feels personal to the end user.   In professional services it is creating and efficient and affordable business system that allow mass actions […]
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creating customer convenience
The Professional Services Firm Model Of The Future Is Possibly A "Fast Food Alley"
by Tony Vidler        Ever noticed how the fast food stores tend to cluster together as some sort of “fast food alley”?   Have you ever wondered why?   There is a “convenience” element for the typical customer of course, however there is a more important reason – which might just be a useful lesson […]
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The Danger Of Promoting A Competent Adviser
by Tony Vidler        In any organisation a person tends to rise to their level of incompetence.   This is just as true for the self employed Principal of a professional services firm as it is for the staff member in a large corporate.  Actually, I believe that it is THE reason why so many […]
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What do buyers of financial practices look for?
by Tony Vidler Recently I discussed the irony of many financial advisers not understanding how to get a better return on what is often their biggest investment – their practice. We highlighted areas where advisers can grow the value of their business – and get that better return they dream of when selling. If you […]
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Advisers: Get a better return on your own biggest investment
by Tony Vidler It is a little ironic that many professionals in the business of advising people how to get better returns do not understand how to get a better return on their own biggest investment – their business. Many advisers think a successful personal retirement is simply a matter of selling their business to another adviser, […]
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