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Dumb business is converting only 1 in 10 prospects…
by Tony Vidler Remember when everyone starting in a sales role was told to just “see the people, see the people, see the people!”? Remember when the expectation was that our fame and fortune would be assured if we worked the 10-3-1 formula?  Call 10 people, and get appointments with 3 of them on average, […]
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The 10 Things To Get Right For COI’s To Start (and Keep) Referring
by Tony Vidler        Identifying a potentially great Centre-Of-Influence (COI) for your professional services business is not something that should be left to chance.  Nor should the process of building the relationship to the point where it generates ongoing opportunities. Yet, all too often “leaving it to chance” is pretty much what professionals do.   […]
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How to create a "Hurry! Take Action Now!"
by Tony Vidler        One of the ongoing challenge in marketing professional services is simply getting people to “act now”.  We have to overcome the lack of urgency. Our service will still be there tomorrow, right?  And usually the need to be addressed is a future need, and maybe well into the future….there is little urgency, […]
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Professional Development For Financial Advisers Requires More Than Academics
by Tony Vidler        One of the positive changes for financial advisers in this part of the world in the last year was a broadening of what can be considered Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Now, instead of solely focussing upon technical learning, we have a regime where authorised advisers have to map out their own […]
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Knowing Your Professional Purpose Is Your Game Changer
by Tony Vidler This is the time of the year when many advisers begin seriously thinking about how to lift their game for next year, but many are stuck in their existing paradigm of doing business they way they’ve always done it, so the thinking tends to get limited to trying to figure out ways […]
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A Great Adviser is, or should be, a Thought Leader
by Tony Vidler         “Thought leaders are the informed opinion leaders and the go-to people in their field of expertise. They are trusted sources who move and inspire people with innovative ideas; turn ideas into reality, and know and show how to replicate their success.”    Somebody a few years ago called me a “thought leader”, […]
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Dammit! Have to do new business cards…
by Tony Vidler I’ve been thinking quite a bit about business cards again recently, basically because I’ve been going through a heap of re-design work for my own business.  On one level I’ve been thinking that business cards are a waste of time, effort and money….I mean, I get given one and I almost immediately […]
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A remarkable tale of leadership
By Tony Vidler A remarkable story is unfolding in rugby union, and there are lessons for all business leaders in it. The Australians play the reigning world champion New Zealanders in the Rugby World Cup final, and regardless of whether the Australians win or lose this weekend the transformation in culture and leadership that delivered […]
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Why Advisers Need to Take The Lead On Providing Financial Literacy
by Tony Vidler There is an increasing rush to provide Robo-offerings from institutions and an increasing amount of angst from advisers wondering how to combat it. The way to combat it is for us – the advisory side of the business – to educate consumers. WE, the advisers, need to take responsibility for providing financial […]
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Successful Professionals Start With Their Own Tight 5 Too
by Tony Vidler When it comes to building an audience of influencers, advocates, raving fans and interested spectators, it all begins with the Tight 5. Humour me for a moment, but on the eve of the Rugby World Cup, I just had to run with this analogy…forgive me! In rugby, the team with the best […]
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