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Robo-Advice has as much chance of catching on as Online Dating does
by Tony Vidler        Try as I might I just cannot remember the first time I received or sent a text. Or an email. But I do remember being a young communications specialist in the navy and looking in wonder at the technology we had at our disposal….it was awesome.  We could type messages directly […]
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An easy way to get a client to pay you for insurance advice – and be happy doing it!
by Tony Vidler There is a remarkably simple way to use the high up-front commission system on life insurance products (as it exists in this part of the world anyway) for the benefit of the client and the adviser.  And it sure doesn’t hurt the insurer.  In fact, I can’t imagine regulators having too many […]
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5 Things You Need To Do Before Buying Another Practice
by Tony Vidler If I had a dollar for every adviser who has expressed an interest in buying another advisers business I’d be retired now.  It seems to be the primary strategy for attaining scale and a viable business of one’s own, and there has been even greater interest since regulatory reform began in earnest. […]
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You could fix your prospects greatest worries…so why not tell them?
by Tony Vidler “Investors spend 475 hours a year worrying about money”. Well I bet the people who don’t have enough to be considered “investors” spend a heck of a lot more time than that worrying about money….but still, this is about 20 days each year spent just thinking or worrying about money – and […]
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Could you be a Champion?
by Tony Vidler I did a little thinking this week…a bit unusual perhaps, but it happens sometimes. I got thinking about “what makes a champion?” following a discussion about one of the financial services worlds highlights, the upcoming MDRT conference.  It was put to me that this is “the conference of champions”, and I began […]
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Prepare for the harvest before you prepare for the feast
by Tony Vidler Is it appropriate to share success with influencers? Or, to put it another way, should you share remuneration or the spoils of the sale with referrers? It is actually just a little more complicated than that.  Before trying to answer the question of what to do with the harvest, I think it […]
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You have to be prepared to smack sometimes
by Tony Vidler I recently wrote about the role of a professional adviser as a coach to clients, and it was remarkably popular.  It was unusual too in that I was asked a number of questions about what precisely the “Adviser as a Coach” actually needs to do that is different to just “advising”. Coaching […]
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Why "Good Content" matters, and what it looks like…
by Tony Vidler Pretty much every time I get into a discussion with professionals about building up their business they begin by thinking that the answer is “get more prospects“.  There is no doubt that getting more prospective customers helps build a business of course, but what builds a business faster and less stressfully is […]
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WHOA…You want me to talk to clients how often?
by Tony Vidler “How much is too much contact?”   “How often is too often?” During a recent conference session these were the questions which kept getting thrown up by advisers struggling to work out what level of contact with customers was the “right amount”. Much of the incumbent thinking around these questions is in […]
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You really do have to sell more stuff…REALLY.
by Tony Vidler This should be a self-evident truth that requires no explanation, but apparently it isn’t: Your clients will stay with you longer and be more valuable to you if you cross-sell multiple products and services to them. Yes, yes…I know…there is that word “sell” and it doesn’t always sit well with professional services […]
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