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5 Things You Need To Do Before Buying A Practice
by Tony Vidler        Buying a practice or buying another advisers book of business is, or will be, a really hot topic given the dramatic regulatory changes happening and the proportion of existing financial advisers who just don’t want to go through a few more years of change.   For manyt advisers buying another practice or […]
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Compliance: Here are the only 3 things that matter
by Tony Vidler         Whenever the topic of the “advice process”, or compliance, comes up most advisers imagine themselves as the plane in this picture: Compiance is largely considered a burden – albeit a necessary one.  As is usually the way of these things a substantial body of documentation has blossomed over the years which […]
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Why Good Content Matters (and what it looks like)
by Tony Vidler        Pretty much every time I get into a discussion with professionals about building up their business they begin by thinking that the answer is “get more prospects“.  There is no doubt that getting more prospective customers helps build a business of course, but what builds a business faster and less stressfully […]
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Robo-Advice has as much chance of catching on as Online Dating does
by Tony Vidler        Try as I might I just cannot remember the first time I received or sent a text. Or an email. But I do remember being a young communications specialist in the navy and looking in wonder at the technology we had at our disposal….it was awesome.  We could type messages directly […]
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An easy way to get a client to pay you for insurance advice – and be happy doing it!
by Tony Vidler There is a remarkably simple way to use the high up-front commission system on life insurance products (as it exists in this part of the world anyway) for the benefit of the client and the adviser.  And it sure doesn’t hurt the insurer.  In fact, I can’t imagine regulators having too many […]
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Could you be a Champion?
by Tony Vidler I did a little thinking this week…a bit unusual perhaps, but it happens sometimes. I got thinking about “what makes a champion?” following a discussion about one of the financial services worlds highlights, the upcoming MDRT conference.  It was put to me that this is “the conference of champions”, and I began […]
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Bad News For Advisers: The Regulators aren't finished with you yet!
by Tony Vidler The storm is quietly building…..In the UK, the USA, Australia…and now New Zealand. On the off-chance that some financial advisers have been thinking they have finished going through all of their regulatory reform, allow me to be the bearer of bad tidings.  There is way more to come. The Regulators aren’t finished […]
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Uh, Hello? The Advisory World Has Changed…For Good.
by Tony Vidler         Amazingly, many advisers appear not to have noticed that their business world has changed from 10 years ago.   Many of the business building methods we successfully employed then in financial services are struggling to generate the traffic and interest in the marketplace that we need to maintain profitable and viable […]
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What Prospects Want When They Google You
by Tony Vidler        We all know that the majority of potential customers these days will Google the service they think they might need…even if they have been referred to you, they will Google you to check you out a lot of the time.  So what do they go looking for mostly?   It isn’t […]
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Could you be a Thought Leader?
by Tony Vidler         A big phrase of the moment for anyone in professional services is “Thought Leadership”. Everywhere you turn someone is writing or saying “be a thought leader”…and nearly every audience asks “what is a Thought Leader, and how do you get there?”   To put it in its most simple terms, it […]
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