How to close out the phone call to get your desired action
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How to close out the phone call to get your desired action

March 31, 2021

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

telephone track style and structureBringing the phone call to a close successfully, and achieving your initial objective, is the ultimate point of a structured telephone track.


It is the end goal.


There is just a little bit of thought and structure to it – but not too much – and it is probably the easiest part of the entire telephone call. Even though the adviser often thinks this is the big tension point, the reality is it should be a bit of an anti-climax if done well.


As I have stressed throughout this video mini-series, there is structure and methodology in building the entire telephone track, and it is that deliberate approach which minimises the stress and tension – and leads to an effective conversation which has a purpose, a direction and a clear goal.


That sure sounds a lot like “sales technique” doesn’t it?   It sounds like that because it is sales technique.  We all have to be able to sell on the telephone, and that is a whole lot harder than doing in in person.  The absence of body language and verbal cues makes communication a little more difficult unless we think and prepare carefully beforehand about how to be most effective.   It is important to understand that an effective telephone track is not a sales script.  We are not talking about coming up with a set of clever words designed to trick someone into giving you a “yes”.  We are talking about constructing and delivering a message in such a way that people can easily comprehend it and engage with you.  The process looks like this:

telephone track sttyle and structure

It is about creating and managing a conversation deliberately!


In this weeks video we finish the mini-series by addressing how to close out the phone call to successfully get the outcome you want….

Watch the video for Part 4 of 4 to learn more…


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