Slow down if you want better results
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Slow down if you want better results

April 19, 2013

by Tony Vidler

Financial advisor sales activityHere is a technique that works for many financial advisers when things are a bit of a struggle:  Slow Down.

Anyone who has played a lot of sport knows that when things get disjointed and are not quite working, the trick is to slow things down, get your technique right and find your rhythm again.  Trying to execute the same bad play or technique even faster or harder just exacerbates the problem.

The classic example of this in term s of how it can work well for an adviser is a recent coaching experience.

I have been working with a particular adviser who is good, capable, technically strong and determined to do well.  Still in the relatively early career stages in this profession, the adviser had been struggling to get the results they wanted in recent months.  Their answer was to simply work harder: which is admirable and says a lot about a persons character and tenacity.

What happens though when you just start calling a lot more people, and with a greater sense of urgency and determination, and hustle to get business done and over the line is quite the opposite of what you were hoping for.  Business gets even harder when you become frenzied.

It was a tough call (and I admit I sweated on it for a couple of weeks), but here is what we did.

I limited the adviser to making just 2 calls per day to prospects for 2 weeks.  Every single call had to be very well prepared to make it count and make it work.  Qualifying the prospect as well as possible; thinking through the script or words to be used on the phone; understanding the other persons issues as well as possible in advance; and putting a good strong benefit across early all mattered enormously when it was no longer just a “numbers game”.

The amount of time spent on the phone – engaging in a conversation with the potential client – was no longer an issue.  There were only 2 phone calls to be made today…

Slow the activity down.  Make what you do be as good as you can do it.  Make it count.  Don’t do lots of things badly, or worse, do lots of things that don’t count at all.

And don’t burn up good relationships, and good prospects, and future opportunities because you want a result NOW.  Invest time and attention in them, and they will give you the time and attention you want.

Slow down.  But get your techniques right, get prepared, and make it count.

(P.S.  the results took about a week and a half to lift noticeably. It works!)

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