Lost Sales Skills: How to “get down to business” without drama
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Lost Sales Skills: How to "get down to business" without drama

January 15, 2020

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

transition to business

The advice industry has lost a lot of sales skills, and it needs them. If we are to help consumers make better decisions and change behaviour then we have to be able to help convince them to change.


The first tension point for today’s professionals is how to transition from the friendly rapport-building stage of the relationship and and get down to business without sounding like a sales person.


There is an easy sales technique which is as professional as anyone could hope for, and it bridges the gap between “getting to know you” and “getting down to business” without causing any lift in tension or appearing salesy in any way.  It provides the professional with control, without the client feeling like they are being controlled.


In this weeks quick tips video we talk through how to use this technique to help run smoother meetings professionally…..


Watch the video to learn more about trial closing for modern professionals…



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