Readers Choices for 2014 at The Financial Adviser Coach
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Readers Choices for 2014 at The Financial Adviser Coach

December 29, 2014

By Tony Vidler

There have been some amazingly popular blog posts on the blog in 2014, and this is the pick of them according to the followers and visitors.

The most popular stories this year were a little surprising to me in some instances, and there are clearly a lot of professionals looking for good information on how to find new clients and improve sales.

In case you missed any of the posts that everyone else was reading with great interest, here are the top dozen of 2014 as selected by reader support.

  1. The 8 steps of a great sales script

  2. Here is how to explain, and show, your value to a client in 10 seconds

  3. The 10 Things Top Performing Advisers Do Better

  4. Why Prospects See Advisers The Way They Do

  5. Suspects versus Prospects

  6. 8 Things to consider when selecting a CRM system

  7. How to find your “niche”

  8. Are sales letters ancient history?

  9. How to generate referrals when you want them

  10. The 5 Essential “Soft Skills” for professionals

  11. Get more clients than you could imagine, with a simple system from the world’s greatest ever salesman 

  12. The 4 Step Ethics Test for Financial Professionals

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