How To Produce Your Own Videos In The Office
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How To Produce Your Own Videos In The Office

October 6, 2021

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

produce-videosI’ve lost track of how many times I’m asked “how do you produce your own videos that you put out each week?”


The ugly truth is that I spend twice as long figuring out what I want to produce a video about than I do figuring out what I am going to say.  Finding the topic is definitely the toughest element for me…but once thet topic is sorted then working out what I want to say about it is pretty easy…because I follow a structure (which is explained in this weeks video).


The actual recording is the shortest part of the process and usually the easiest.  More often than not it is done in one take, but part of the beauty of producing your own videos is you have the right to be the star, the director, the producer and the person in the editing room deciding on what stays in or gets dropped, and how many times you feel you need to to do it to get it right.  So the editing part can take longer than the recording part depending on what level of perfection you seek.


Having said all that, it is actually a very easy process and costs very little to set yourself up for.  A few hundred dollars on the right software package and perhaps microphone (and assuming you already have a good computer of course) and you are set up to produce quality video’s in your own office.


There are a number of areas where it makes good sense to produce high quality professional videos – bring in the experts and get it done professionally and proplerly.  Equally, there are a number of areas where it makes sense to bring the quality and style back to a somewhat more relaxed and conversational level – there is room for both in your marketing.  In this weeks quick video we have a look at where and why it makes sense to produce some simple video’s of your own, and how to go about putting them together…


Watch the video to learn more…

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