No Excuses: you need to be using video with email
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No Excuses: you need to be using video with email

January 15, 2016

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

If you aren’t emailing video’s to clients and prospects yet, why aren’t you?


It seems an odd thing with everyone having smart phones that can take high quality video’s on the spot, and with everyone also drafting and sending perhaps a 100 emails a day, but it is still relatively uncommon for professionals to combine the two.


Embedded video in emails generally has a high engagement rate to begin with as it gets attention and generates a degree of intrigue, however it is also usually perceived as an easier communication method to engage with. The recipient just has to hit play, then sit back and eat a banana or something while they listen and watch.


Video doesn’t tend to be a medium which requires the viewer to actively concentrate – they don’t have to read, interpret meaning and analyse in the same way they do with text only messages.

It is particularly useful when engaging with existing clients and contacts (although definitely doesn’t need to be restricted to just those who have a relationship with you already) because there is the sense of it being a “conversation”, rather than a missive, or instructions.  Also, video is rapidly becoming the preferred medium for many who are in information overload.  Relatively quick to engage with, and the addition of body language, tonality and inflexion video helps clarify a message.


How many times have all of us sat reading a text only email and spent time trying to figure out the tone of the message, and what the sender was really implying?  Video tends to leaves no doubt about what was meant.


As a means of communicating rapidly and effectively with clients there is no question that combining video with email can be effective.  It should go without saying, but a boring, dry or dull presenter remains a boring, dry, dull presenter regardless of the medium, so we ned to bring a bit of zing to the show.  As video is a one-way conversation in reality we have to lift the energy level a little more than usual – but we are not aiming for frenetic and zany!  Just lift the energy, pace and inflexion a degree or two more than is normal, and that gives the video a bit of life.


The process is fairly simple, and rather than repeat it here, just go to the following link and it will show you how to embed video in a handful of simple steps:  How To Embed Video In Email


If you haven’t begun sending video’s to clients and prospects in your emails yet, then make that a definite “to do” this year.  The technology is pretty much in every professionals pocket.  It is also in pretty much every consumers pocket.  It is the way of “now”, not the way of the future.


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