What is the missing ingredient in your marketing campaign?
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What is the missing ingredient in your marketing campaign?

May 25, 2016

By Tony Vidler

imagesThere are some great and clever marketing campaigns put together by professional services firms and their marketing advisers, and they often get “good” results.  Typically one thing stops them from getting great results:


The follow through.


Just like a great golf swing, what happens in the first half is only…well…”half the shot”.  The follow through is the second half, and what is required to make a great swing which results in a great shot.


It is the same with marketing campaigns: setting it up and getting the offer out there is only the first half of the swing.  To make the campaign great there needs to be a follow through, and it is the missing ingredient most of the time.


In this week’s quick tips video we talk about the need, and potential value for most professionals, of getting the follow through right…

Watch the video to learn more…

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