Marketing Collateral: Design, then get, the best you can afford
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Marketing Collateral: Design, then get, the best you can afford

May 23, 2014

by Tony Vidler

There is a lot of marketing material and collateral that is just pure rubbish, and nowhere is it more obvious than in printed material and corporate gifts.

Poor quality marketing collateral or trashy trinkets tell your market more than many firms realise. Apart from being a waste of money, it conveys a very poor image and actually undermines the entire marketing effort.

Here is the choice I see being made constantly in professional services:

1.  Budget: $2,000.  Spend $2 per potential prospect and have 1,000 low quality pieces of marketing collateral.

2.  Budget: $2,000.  Spend $20 per potential prospect and have 100 quality pieces of marketing collateral.

The majority seem to choose Option 1.  The result is a dusty collection of trinkets or junk mini-brochures cluttering a corner of the office that cannot be given away, and when they are given away they are treated with the same disdain that we give to the person standing on the street corner handing out tacky flyers to a local nightclub.  We ditch the nightclub flyer immediately, if we were unable to avoid the urgent thrust into our hands it in the first place.

Those who choose Option 2 find that they become far more selective about who they give their marketing collateral to, which tends to make it more effective to begin with.  An image of quality can be conveyed immediately, which enhances your ability to generate interest or desire to consider doing business with you.

It is a no-brainer: Get the best you can afford, and then use it selectively to appeal to the right sort of clients.

When it comes to creating your marketing collateral, use the following great tips for great design:

It really is a reflection of your professional image isn’t it?


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