Keep It Simple: Give Prospects What They Want When They Google An Adviser
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Keep It Simple: Give Prospects What They Want When They Google An Adviser

June 8, 2020

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

An adviser client asked me recently what to put on his website as he was re-designing it and he had lots of great ideas of course, but I started my answer with “how are they going to find the site?




That was the answer…Google because basically everyone uses it for every search, and everyone searches for everything online now to begin with…or towards the end of their quest when they are narrowing down possibilities they Google again, right?


But what do they google?  Well they google questions about how to resolve problems, or where some service might be that is handy, or who is an authority on a topic…they ask questions basically.  So find out the questions your prospects are asking, and design your website to deal with them.


When they have figured out who deals with the issues they are working through and are narrowing down the choices, or even when they have been referred to you, what do they then go looking for mostly?


It isn’t complicated stuff is it?


In short; most prospects use google to find a professional or to find out about a professional who has been recommended to them.  Think about structuring your website so that you cover the questions that your prospects usually ask or the topics they want to know about.


Then make sure you cover off the the convenience factors…the basic information that everyone who contacts you wants to know – not just your target market prospects.  Even clients, friends and business colleagues will go to your website to check on some basic details from time to time such as your actual office address.  Make sure that sort of stuff is there.


Keep it simple.  Think like a prospect using Google, and the chances are good that you will come up with a site structure and content that performs for you.

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