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Just BECAUSE.....

July 4, 2014

by Tony Vidler

imagesOne of the most powerful words in sales and marketing is “because”….and it doesn’t get used enough.

…with BECAUSE we can link ideas of logic and emotion.  The linking of logic and emotion makes ideas far more powerful and memorable because we can feel and analyse simultaneously.

More importantly though it is the word that links our knowledge to the clients needs.

Which is more powerful?

1.  “you need to save $1,000 per month for the next 10 years to generate the lump sum of $150,000 you want”

2.  “you need to save $1,000 per month for the next 10 years because that is the extra money you need for your beach home”

BECAUSE is the key link that makes our professional advice relevant to the client.

It is the word that will move clients to act on the advice given.

Because they will only act when the professional advisers analytical logic is linked to the clients emotional triggers.

Just because…that’s how humans are wired….


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  • Thanks Tony

    I thought to drop you a quick not to say hi … because even the most accomplished and confident writers welcome some direct feedback.

    I aim to read at least some of your writings and sharings on a regular basis … because they challenge me there’s always something new to learn, and remind/ encourage me in the good things I do.

    I also use, “That/ which means … “ in my communications to clients and especially other professionals … because we’re all so busy the WIIFM needs to spelled out to us clearly and succinctly.

    Keep up the good work … especially Tony’s Quick Tip videos … because the power of the written word is only surpassed by the spoken word.

    PS I’m moving to St Leonards, Sydney next week to take up a new mortgage broking role … back to my roots … so, if you’re ever in town, I’d welcome the opportunity to share a coffee or a cider … because I’m a firm believer in that, firstly, good people find other good people … and we’re always learning from and sharpening each other.

    Until next time … Kind regards, Wayne

    Wayne Slager DFS (MFBM) C Dec

    Strategic Relations

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    … helping clients of wealth, financial and professional advice practices at every stage of their property journey.

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