It’s Prime Networking Time!
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It's Prime Networking Time!

December 19, 2019

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

There are two types of advisers at this time of year:

1.  those who begin finding it tough to close out the game

2.  those who are already started on a new game.

Typically in December & January most clients are trying to close out their own business games….get THEIR jobs done before the end of year and the festive season and get ready to have a break themselves, and they are under more time presure than usual.  It can be tough to get appointments, let alone do the business.  For some advisers that makes it a deadly production period.

For others though, it is the opening of the New Year’s business….this is prime networking time!  It is a time to get social, spend more and better quality time with key clients, centers of influence and potential new clients….it is a time of working on creating or building upon great relationships that lay the foundation for the next production year.

Check out the quick video to find out why this really is prime networking time….


[wpvideo JOJJIEYP]


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