How to use your most valuable online real estate well!
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How to use your most valuable online real estate well!

November 18, 2020

by Tony Vidler CFP logoCLU logoChFC logo

valuable linkedin marketingThe most valuable piece of online “real estate” any professional has today is their LinkedIn Summary section.  It is searchable content, and there is LOADS of room to tell your story or compelling points of difference, or highlight your expertise….yet so many professionals barely use 50% of the space allowance, and even then they fill it with an executive summary of their employment career to date.




Why would someone choose you if the best you can show is that you have remained gainfully employed for 22 successive years or whatever?  You could instead highlight your value proposition….establish your style and way of doing things….pick out your points of difference….


in other words you can use this to market yourself well.

valuable summary section linkedin


In this weeks Quick Tips video we talk through how best to use this space for marketing yourself, and the valuable contribution you could make as a professional to your target market clients.


Watch the video to learn more…


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