How to help prospects decide to follow your advice
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How to help prospects decide to follow your advice

September 4, 2019

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

Helping prospects decide on the right course of action is often not quite as hard as we think, especially when it is a reasonable bet that every adviser has had clients or prospects ask at some point: “what are other people like me/us doing?


The very same behaviour that makes many consumers euphorically follow markets up, or despairingly follow the crowd trying to exit a market when prices slide, is evident at the personal level when we make recommendations and they want to know what the consensus view is.  People tend to feel that a course of action adopted by others (especially others just like themselves) is less risky, and therefore an easier decision to make.


Given that most professionals tend to work with similar sorts of clients repeatedly, this behaviour provides an opportunity for us to help make decisions easier.  Naturally I am talking about doing this in an ethical and honest way, rather than just blatantly trying to manipulate people.


If we have done a lot of work with a particular type of client – let’s say self-employed professional services business owners – we have some very useful information at our fingertips that can help other self-employed professional services business owners to work out which is a prudent course of action.  We can make it easier for those prospects to decide to follow the advice, because we can show that it has made sense and been a prudent course of action for others just like them.


In this weeks Quick Tips video we discuss how to use what we know about our target markets and typical clients in a way that can help prospective future clients to engage with us and follow recommendations… the video to learn more… 

[wpvideo 3szaMI2a]


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