How to get down to business, nice and easy….
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How to get down to business, nice and easy....

July 22, 2020

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

It has never been more important to invest time at the beginning of a potential client engagement in establishing some rapport, and creating a genuine level of “like & trust”.  That is the foundation upon which the entire potential business relationship is built.


However, many struggle with knowing how to make the transition from rapport-building phase to getting onto the business at hand. It is a moment of potential tension, and often comes with some anxiety on the part of the adviser. We don’t want to undo the rapport by being blunt and awkward, but then, we don’t want to spend hours and hours talking about our common interests either.


What’s needed is a little bridge.  That is the thing that we use to over a hazard, or to move from one position of relative safety to a new one.  In this week’s Quick Tip we discuss how to use a very simple and effective technique to make the transition, without creating any awkwardness or tension….

…watch the video to learn more… 


[wpvideo KQ64NdJS]

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