How to get clients to act in the short term on long term advice
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How to get clients to act in the short term on long term advice

August 26, 2020

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

How to engage clients in a review of financial advice

Reflecting on the year that was

It can be incredibly difficult to get some customers to act. Especially getting them to act on advice “now” which won’t pay off for quite a long time.


You know they should.  They know they should. They need to get on with it and take some action sometimes.

Easier said than done though isn’t it?


I have heard it suggested that a bit of shock treatment will get them moving. Perhaps saying something like:

“Statistically you have 17 years left on the planet….which means we have just 5 annual reviews left….”

That type of approach is pretty confrontational; hardly uplifting; and; unlikely to get your client positively engaged in the ongoing advice process.


A much stronger approach is to visually paint a picture of a moment in time in the future, which they can easily imagine, and then ask them how they will be measuring progress at that point.

In this quick video we discuss an easy technique to do precisely that, which generally brings the long term into a short term focus. That is precisely what we need when giving clients long range advice.


[wpvideo XjSkJw9e]


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