How to get better positioning with LinkedIn Endorsements
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How to get better positioning with LinkedIn Endorsements

June 24, 2020

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo 

A feature of LinkedIn which is particularly helpful to a professionals’ positioning is the “Skills & Endorsements” section of your individual profile.  This section is only helpful though if it fairly reflects you expertise and there is a reasonable volume of support attesting that you do have that expertise.

Unfortunately this is an area that is often not well understood, and therefore not well utilised.


There is a strong tendency to list technical skills or expertise only, and one of the problems in doing so is that we revert to our industry jargon. That is often confusing, or even worse it could be meaningless, to prospective clients and centre’s of influence.  So one of the keys to making this section work well is to include soft skills together with technical. Another is include valuable outcomes that you create for clients.


There are a number of things you can do to really enhance your professional positioning with this section of LinkedIn, including being alert to managing those endorsements you don’t want – or perhaps endorsements from people you don’t want to be associated with – and helping to prompt people to give you endorsements in the areas where you really want to stand out in comparison to your peers.

In this weeks Quick Tips video we discuss all of these elements and give some good pointers on how to get better mileage out of the skills and expertise section of your Linkedin profile…

…watch the video to learn more… 

[wpvideo TNeUUFD2]

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