How to explain your Process and Fee to clients
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How to explain your Process and Fee to clients

February 7, 2018

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo


Many advisers have difficulty explaining their fee basis, and the client advice process, in a clear and logical way.


It becomes a barrier to engaging clients, and undermines our professional image, when we fumble and stumble on a fairly straightforward part of being in business.


As with most things in the professional financial advice process this is an area where we need to pre-empt the issues, and present the answers and options in advance.  If we can do so clearly…without ambiguity….and present a rational decision making path for clients then we take away the stress point.


In this quick video I role play how to present your method of working with a client, and how you charge fees or commissions along the way potentially, and what decisions the client has in terms of continuing to engage with you.


It is supported by a powerpoint presentation in this example (which you can download separately from ).  It can be done just as easily in a variety of other mediums – I just happen to like a powerpoint/keynote version that displays nicely on an Ipad screen.


Explaining how you work, and how the client can choose to engage or disengage easily, and how they have to pay for the parts you both agree to work on is professional and appreciated by clients.  It saves them having to ask awkward questions…but it saves you having to stumble and fumble because you are unprepared for an entirely foreseeable part of the professional advice process.

Watch the video to learn more…


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