How to convert 70% of your opportunities instead of 30%
Sales & Marketing for Professional Services

How to convert 70% of your opportunities instead of 30%

October 18, 2013

by Tony Vidler

Getting to prospective customers today is easier than ever before.

Getting them to engage with you is harder than ever before.

Getting them to choose you to work with is even harder again.

But they will choose the professional adviser who demonstrates knowledge and expertise in advance, and who shows professional patience. One of the universal principles of influence is “commitment”, and it is an important component in todays successful marketing plan.  Showing a commitment to delivering value, and obtaining a series of small commitments to engage a little more, and edge a little closer, is the key to higher conversion of the marketing opportunities you have created.

An example of the modern marketing engagement cycle for todays professional service firm, or individual adviser might look like this:

Engagement Marketing for financial advisors by Tony Vidler

Thinking about how – and where – customers will begin their engagement (whether you are entirely ready or not!) after you have their attention will highlight the engagement system you must build.  By creating the right presence and the right support systems to deliver meaningful and relevant content as they move through the buying cycle is the difference between blowing 70% of the leads your marketing generates, or converting 70% of the leads into customers.

It is relatively easy to get the attention of your chosen market today.  It is harder to keep it.  To do so, build an en engagement system that drives interest through to the desire phase for potential customers.   The sales process doesn’t really begin until customers are already moving into the desire phase of the buying cycle, and if that is done well then the sales process is an anti-climax.

That’s smart marketing.


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