How Great Regular Producers Stay In Top Gear
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How Great Regular Producers Stay In Top Gear

August 19, 2020

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

imagesGreat regular producers are those who continually deliver good revenue results every week or month (depending on what your measurement period is).  Week in, week out, they never miss a beat and just keep pumping the numbers through.  They are elite.


Elite high performing advisers, like elite athletes, have high performance routines. The routines are the the answer to “how?”  You don’t have to read on or view the video now, I’ve just given you the secret…


…honesty time though: the headline is a LITTLE misleading…nobody stays in top gear perpetually.  Top performers DO know how to keep things rolling along at optimum performance and maintain momentum though.


Maintaining great momentum, or great regular production, is achieved by consistently doing the things that matter most, and doing them very well.


In this video you can learn a high performance routine that you can incorporate into your working day that will lead to consistent performance, consistent results, and career success.  It is the 6P’s of Peak Performance….and it is the routine that can put you into the elite circle of continually producing great numbers…


[wpvideo rnZRlzSb]


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