How do you WOW the new customer?
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How do you WOW the new customer?

May 9, 2018

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

wow the new customer

What steps do you take to eliminate buyers remorse?


It happens with virtually all new clients: You do all the hard work of finding, attracting and engaging a new customer, and of course you have superb service for ALL your ongoing clients….BUT…at the outset when the dust has settled on the recommendations and implementation, the new client has doubts.


It is almost  inevitable that when clients first take on a new professional relationship and have entrusted their innermost financial and life goals to a professional adviser they will at some point wonder whether they have done the right thing.  They will question their own judgement, even if only momentarily.  That is “buyers remorse”.


Professionally we deal with that to a degree by ensuring that our advice is provided in writing, and there is full transparency, and we document the ongoing service levels that clients should expect.  These actions all go a long way towards providing some reassurance to the newly engaged client that they have indeed made a good choice of professional, and that they are in safe hands.


To really cement the new customer relationship though requires a WOW moment for them….because when you can create a WOW it kills buyers remorse!


[wpvideo 7QPTfW1C]


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