Have you made a woopsy with your website, like I did?
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Have you made a woopsy with your website, like I did?

March 16, 2016

By Tony Vidler

It pains me to say it, but I just had to re-learn to put what I think is cool and important to one side, and re-focus on what clients actually think is important.


About 5 years ago I launched my website, and a blog, and they were obviously the coolest and cleverest things ever.  At the time.  In my own humble opinion.


Then it turned into a monster as I continually fed it content, and then yet more content…and yet more…..anyway it got to the point where it was just overwhelming (even to me).


I had ended up making a bit of a woopsy with my own website.


So, back to the drawing board with the new website, and the key initial question has to be:

What really does matter the most for the users?


“What matters most is not the stuff that we think of first” because the stuff we think of first is not what clients and prospective clients tend to initially go looking for when they decide to visit our website.


There are clearly a lot of things to get right with website design and use, but in the pursuit of “cleverness” and “cool” we often forget that there is a logical starting point from the customers perspective.  That logical starting point is “what do I need to know – right now?”  It didn’t take a lot of market research and user feedback to get clarity on this question actually.  So in this weeks Quick Tips video we discuss the essentials which make the website useful to visitors and prospects…before we go getting all clever about ourselves and our fabulous office decor….


Watch the video to learn more…

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