Getting New Clients: It all begins with one thing….
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Getting New Clients: It all begins with one thing....

October 6, 2017

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo


In 3 separate conversations this week with advisers we talked about different approaches to getting new clients onboard, and each had lost sight of what the single most important element in getting new clients onboard was.

Each thought that the objective of their marketing was to get a new client onboard.


Not really.


The danger in not understanding the real purpose of marketing, and then recognise where it turns into a sales process, is that we spend far too much energy and resources trying to do the wrong things and hence undermine our own marketing efforts.


The primary objective of the marketing is to get the attention of someone who is a possible prospect.  It’s secondary objective is to have that prospect decide to explore further…it is to create interest in you or what you do.


But that is it really.  That is all the marketing efforts set out to do.  Get attention and initial interest.


Once we have them interested our engagement process begins.  Many will look at the ongoing engagement with prospects as a marketing function, and that is certainly one way of looking at it.  If you want the engagement process (or engagement marketing if you prefer) to be effective though you need to understand that it is in reality a selling function.  It is trying to sell just one thing:


Create a personal conversation.


Prospects remain “suspects” while until they engage in a one-to-one conversation with you.  You suspect that they might be prospective clients, but you don’t really know until the opportunity is created to get talking to each other….human to human.


So the new client story always begins with one thing:

Creating a conversation.


It is the critical step which turns suspects into genuine prospects, and then in turn escalates the relationship to the point where they will engage as a client.


Creating a conversation is where it all begins really, and that is what makes it the most important objective there is.  The entire purpose of all the marketing and engagement processes is bring us to this single point where we are able to engage one-to-one with a potential client.


That is the objective to never lose sight of.


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