How To Get Your Voicemail Message Responded To
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How To Get Your Voicemail Message Responded To

December 8, 2021

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

voicemail-answerVoicemail messages which do not get responded to is without doubt the bane of most professionals working lives…frustrating, time consuming, inefficient….voicemail has become the “first line of defence” for prospects and clients alike.  Their number 1 method of avoiding you.


Too many minutes & hours are lost constantly leaving messages for people who do not return our calls, and often it is because we leave poor messages which didn’t really generate any enthusiasm, curiosity, or need for a response within any given timeframe.  


Meandering and clearly unprepared messages which waffle and dither are hardly guaranteed to generate a response if we are honest.  WE wouldn’t respond to such messages, so why would we expect others to?


With a little more thought and preparation you can improve the chances of only having to leave 1 message in order to get people to respond in a timely fashion.  If we can do that we vastly improve our professional image, and reduce the amount of wasted time and levels of frustration for ourselves and our prospects or clients, so it is well worth getting right.


In this weeks quick video we step through the components of an effective voicemail message that is highly likely to generate a call back, and demonstrate it with a simple script…


Watch the video to learn more…

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