Get more clients than you could imagine, with a simple system from the worlds greatest ever salesman
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Get more clients than you could imagine, with a simple system from the worlds greatest ever salesman

October 31, 2014

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

According to the Guiness Book Of World Records the greatest salesman in the world was Joe Girard.


Joe sold cars…an incredible 13,001 cars sold in his career.  One at a time…working “retail” with high priced items.  And selling the same things, at the same price, as a heck of a lot of other people in the same town. That’s a tough job any day of the week, for anybody.  Starting in 1963, without all the technology and communication and customer engagement tools that we have at our disposal today he began his journey into immortality – and left lessons in engagement marketing for anyone to follow.


Like many of todays professionals he started with no customers, and he started trying to prospect to drum up customers by cold calling straight out of the phone book.


Like everyone else who has started out that way he quickly figured that must be better ways to get business.  Joe came up with what he referred to as the “Law of 250” and it was his epiphany…it was his game changer.  He figured out that on average everyone knew about 250 people…that was about how many turned up to funerals…that was about how many came to big weddings…so every prospect probably knew about 250 others.  Every person he could turn into an advocate could put him in front of 250 others….


So Joe began keeping really good files on everyone, and kept track of the changes in prospects lives.  Their kids names, their involvement in the local community, where they worked…birthdays…He learned as much as he could about the people he wanted to have as customers.


Joe also mailed a card every single month to every single person on his list – which was every single person he had ever had a conversation with about a car.  He reminded people that he was there, waiting patiently until they were ready to buy another car.  More importantly he reminded people that he remembered them – and they in turn remembered him whenever “car buying” came up in conversations.


While Joe Girard is heralded as the greatest salesman ever, and he was definitely a great salesman, I suspect what gets forgotten is that he was actually a great marketer.  He figured out that if he got his marketing right then the sales would follow. And boy, did the sales follow.  So his marketing was superb.  In a business where people are happy and had a good livelihood selling 6 units a month Joe was averaging 6 units a day.  That is phenomenal.


Here are the key lessons that Joe worked for the rest of us who don’t want to spend our time selling to begrudging prospects.
  • Sales solve themselves when you build a great marketing system
  • A great marketing system must capture prospects and have an ongoing engagement process.
  • Everyone you come into contact with in business is a future potential client. Every one.
  • You need to keep in contact with everyone. Every one.
  • You need a CRM system to maintain the details.
  • You need a plan and a system to stay in touch with everyone. Every one.
  • You need to reach out regularly – you can’t afford to wait for them to remember you.
  • Say thank you a lot to customers.
  • Stay busy engaging with everyone in your system, and they will bring the business to you.


Whether it is a new car or whether it is starting a financial plan the reality is nearly all consumers will want to do some looking, thinking and learning before they commit to buying something which is a big change for them.


The greatest lesson Joe Girard taught was build a system founded upon patient engagement with potential customers, and then stay in touch and be nice, and they will come to you when the time is right for them.  Build a good enough system and you will have more prospects than your competitors can dream of.



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