Enjoying the Journey
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Enjoying the Journey

December 19, 2012

by Tony Vidler

 santa beachAs the year draws to a close and we are nearly embracing the joy of Christmas, I have been reflecting upon what makes Christmas wonderful for so many of us – and what we may be able to take from that and use in the year ahead.

What makes Christmas such a special time of the year (for me at least) is the closeness and abundance of time spent with those who matter most – the people who are your very reason for doing all that you do.  But apart from the chance to spend more time with those we care most about, and re-engage and re-build bonds and relationships, there are other aspects which contribute to making it a special time of year.

You mentally let go of “work” and consciously spend time relaxing with people who invigorate you – those who fuel your soul -and uplift you.

It is a time of charity, and deliberately doing things to make other people feel good.  In doing so, we feel better about ourselves and like ourselves a little bit more than usual.

We stop worrying about relatively inconsequential things…we stop calorie counting….we don’t actually care if we gave a $50 present but only got a $20 present back…it doesn’t matter so much if the kids begin the day eating chocolate…or if we have champagne for breakfast…it is as if we are attuned to “what actually matters” and are far more willing to let the rest go by peacefully.


It is not stretching a metaphor too far to suggest that here are some universal principles that can perhaps apply throughout the year to make your business…your life….more enjoyable.   You should after all be enjoying the journey!

The top 4 Christmas tips to carry forward to 2013:

  • Stay focused on the people who matter most to you in your world.  They are the real reason you do everything you do.
  • Spend more time with business colleagues, peers and clients who uplift you.  They will feed you and your soul.
  • Do good for others, and do good to others.  You will feel good about you, and others will want to work with you and be with you.
  • Learn to let the inconsequential stuff slide by – Don’t sweat all the small stuff.  In the end, most of it won’t have mattered really.

Stick with these guiding principles and it should be a far more enjoyable journey in 2013.  Even if it turns out to be a challenging business year we can still enjoy this thing called life along the way.

Merry Christmas, all the best for the festive season to you and yours, and above all:


merry christmas

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