Getting the right style and structure for an effective telephone track
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Getting the right style and structure for an effective telephone track

April 21, 2021

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

telephone track style and structureBeing able to build an effective telephone track is a core skill for any adviser, and yet, so few seem to understand how to build one.  It is perhaps one of those “lost sales skills” from the last decade or so, where new entrants into the advice industry have veered away from anything which sounds like it might be related to selling.


Yet selling is something every professional must be able to do.  They have to be able to sell themselves…sell someone on having a meeting….sell a client on taking a particular course of action which is good for them even when they’d rather do something more pleasurable with their money.  More often than not an adviser finds themselves having to sell many of these things on the telephone, which brings a little layer of complexity into the process.


The absence of body language and verbal cues makes communication a little more difficult on the phone.  So we have to think carefully about how we can be most effective in the absence of those elements, and that means understanding how the style of delivery has impact at different points in the process.  It also means understanding that there is actually a process.  Process is a word that professionals should understand and love of course, and we all know that process is not “sales”.


So an effective telephone track is not a sales script.  It is not a set of words designed to move a product onto an unsuspecting punter.  It is a way of constructing and delivering a message in such a way that people can easily comprehend it and engage with you.  The process looks like this:

telephone track sttyle and structure

In this weeks Quick Tips video we begin the first of a mini-series on how to build effective telephone technique deliberately!  The first element is understanding the overall structure, and how style of delivery matters.  In coming video’s we will work through each phase in detail to help build the entire telephone track….

Watch the video for Part 1 of 4 to learn more…


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