Create Effective Advertising By Starting With These 2 Things
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Create Effective Advertising By Starting With These 2 Things

July 28, 2021

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

At some point every adviser struggles to create effective advertising. It’s not our coe skill of course, but typically the “struggle” is because 2 really big things are overlooked…


Why are you doing it in the first place?
Who are you doing it to attract?


All the hard work which follows, such as creating a compelling offer and arousing interest with great headlines and so on is simply a wasted effort if these initial 2 key questions are not addressed satisfactorily.


It is virtually impossible to create advertisements that will achieve their objective on an affordable basis without thinking these through first, so in this weeks quick video we try and bring a little clarity to how they should be approached (and it isn’t that hard really!)…


Watch the video to learn more…

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