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How to build a good service system in your business
by Tony Vidler        Good service is good business.   For financial advisers, service really IS the business.   How do you build a good system of service though that ensures you are not just keeping existing customers happy on an efficient basis, but that you are giving yourself a chance to grow the client […]
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Managing the cost of financial advice conversation
Cost is not just Price: Put Adviser fees into perspective
by Tony Vidler        A stumbling block for many professionals with their clients is the “cost discussion”, and it is a stumbling block because more often than not the entire conversation revolves around just one of the cost components.   All too often the cost of financial advice centres upon just the price…and there is […]
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How to engage clients in a review of financial advice
Problem: Getting clients to act in the short term on long term advice
by Tony Vidler It can be incredibly difficult to get some customers to act. You know they should.  They know they should. They need to get on with it and take some action sometimes. Easier said than done though isn’t it? I have heard it suggested that a bit of shock treatment will get them […]
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The Power of Visual Aids
by Tony Vidler As advisers, we talk a lot. And the language of our profession has its own vocabulary that not everybody else understands.  And we have to provide a lot of stuff in writing in order to be compliant.  That doesn’t always help consumers understanding. In addition to that, not everybody out there learns the same […]
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Making the move: Product Rep to Personal Adviser
by Tony Vidler One of the toughest things for an adviser to do is make the move from a product representative living only on success fees, or commissions only, to being a valued adviser getting paid for their expertise. In this edition of quick tips we explain how to begin making the transition (in whole […]
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Your Business Success Formula
by Tony Vidler Your business success as a financial adviser can be reduced to a fairly simple formula.  There are 3 things that will determine your financial performance, and there are 6 variables that influence those three things.  In this quick video you can find out what they are, how they work together, and what […]
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referral generation for financial advisers
How to position yourself for referrals from clients
by Tony Vidler Getting referrals on an ongoing basis from happy clients largely comes down to positioning for them correctly. Put some thought into how you will position the expectation, and when you will do it in your client engagement, to increase your chances of success. Most importantly though, earn the right to them and […]
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How elite advisers stay in top gear
by Tony Vidler Elite high performing advisers have high performance routines. You don’t have to read on or view the video now, I’ve just given you the secret… …honesty time though: the headline is a LITTLE misleading…nobody stays in top gear perpetually.  Top performers DO know how to keep things rolling along at optimum performance […]
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You got my attention…now what?
by Tony Vidler An area that many advisers struggle with is creating interesting conversations that intrigue clients enough to want to hear more.  It is all well and good getting the attention initially, but what do you do next? In the decision-making cycle most humans engage in, getting attention is simply the first step…but then […]
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