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It’s A No-Brainer: Get Better Email
by Tony Vidler        Possibly THE most important marketing tool any professional has is their email.  It is the critical link between marketing and sales….the thing that connects the leads, or opportunities created by your marketing efforts, into engaged prospects and ultimately clients. The funny thing is nearly everyone understands how important it is to get […]
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creating customer convenience
The Professional Services Firm Model Of The Future Is Possibly A "Fast Food Alley"
by Tony Vidler        Ever noticed how the fast food stores tend to cluster together as some sort of “fast food alley”?   Have you ever wondered why?   There is a “convenience” element for the typical customer of course, however there is a more important reason – which might just be a useful lesson […]
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How to go about creating the RIGHT Strategic Alliance
by Tony Vidler        A good strategic alliance or two can be the thing that makes success for a professional services firm.  It can be a complete game changer.   In fact it is so important to get right that the key to finding and forging the right strategic alliance is thinking strategically to begin […]
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Encouraging clients to save with The 10/30/60 Rule
by Tony Vidler One of the biggest issues for advisers is encouraging clients to save for later now.  Deferring instant gratification and the constant challenge of “we wants” is a significant hurdle, even in countries where compulsory or incentivised retirement savings schemes exist. A fascinating piece of work for any advisers working with retirement planning […]
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How to create a Value Proposition that works!
by Tony Vidler        Creating a compelling Value Proposition is difficult, but if it is done well it will be central to a professional’s marketing.   The Value Proposition is in effect your promise to your target market: “This is what I will do for you” is what it says in simple terms.   To […]
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The Top 20 Marketing Kitbag Essentials
by Tony Vidler        It would be fair to say that the majority of people in professional services are not marketing specialists.  Usually great technicians and specialist advisers, often great at selling and relationship management at an individual level.  Not so great at getting the marketing going though….   Whenever I talk at workshops or […]
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How to convert 70% of your opportunities instead of 30%
by Tony Vidler Getting to prospective customers today is easier than ever before. Getting them to engage with you is harder than ever before. Getting them to choose you to work with is even harder again. But they will choose the professional adviser who demonstrates knowledge and expertise in advance, and who shows professional patience. […]
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Marketing & Prospecting checklist for financial advisors
The 20 point Marketing & Prospecting Plan
By Tony Vidler A successful financial services business does not leave its marketing and prospecting to chance.  There is a systematic approach which is logical, and sequential.  It covers the big picture strategic thinking and works down to micro-managing the implementation of the strategy. Here are the 20 steps to creating a marketing and prospecting […]
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Learning to work LinkedIN
20 Lessons in the evolution of a LinkedIn user
by Tony Vidler Back in the beginning of my personal social media evolution, about 3 years ago, a friend sent me a LinkedIn connection request…and I had no idea what LinkedIn was, or why I should bother using it. So being a brilliant technology user, I rang him to find out why he had sent […]
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attracting affluent clients
Don't go fishing in the forest
by Tony Vidler See if you can find any correlation here: 1. Relatively few financial advisers are active, let alone have mastered, the key social media platforms. 2. The majority of affluent investors are active on a select few key social media platforms. 3. The Holy Grail for many financial advice professionals is to attract […]
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