Blending Old Ways With Modern Comms To Get Attention
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Blending Old Ways With Modern Comms To Get Attention

October 19, 2023

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

Blending the old and the new can be a great way to get attention in the digital world, and there are few better examples than this one from an older adviser who was happy for me to share it.  He generates excellent engagement and responses…and it is so simple!

Remember the days of the ever-present “while you were out” phone message pads?  Well this adviser still uses them…BUT…not to leave messages around the office for his staff and co-workers.

He emails or texts them to clients.

In effect something that looks like the following gets emailed directly to clients, unless he knows they prefer texts in which case they get it as a text message.

There is no other message, or text, or explanation, just an image of the note:While you were out

Just a simple subject line “While You Were Out” and then the body of the email is simply the image of the message note with his handwritten message to the clients.

Interestingly, it is apparently a pretty even split on the proportion of clients who email back saying something like “cute…but it is ages and yes we should talk….” and those who actually pick the phone up and ring him directly – which he encourages.  Overall though, the proportion of clients who respond, or engage with him in discussion is well over half of those he sends them to.

For those who don’t respond?

He sends them another one….eventually nearly everyone gets in touch….

Simple but effective, and neatly uses modern communications preferences with a touch of “vintage” which gets attention.

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