Big Ticks: The Best Stories For Professional Advisers This Week
Tony's BIG ticks

Big Ticks: The Best Stories For Professional Advisers This Week

September 26, 2020
by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo 

Information, ideas, tips…the articles for professional advisers which I spotted this week that generate fresh thinking or a deeper understanding of issues are provided here as a quick readers digest for professionals who are looking ahead.



These are the highlights from the week that you should stop and read, as they are the best I’ve seen.



There is so much good information for professional services made available each week, much of which I share, that it is very easy to forget to pause and reflect.



Each week I select the best handful and give them Tony’s BIG Ticks as being the ones that made me pause and reflect, or think further.   They are sometimes thought-provoking, perhaps insightful, maybe a great sales or marketing idea or sometimes just incredibly topical.


The picks for professionals have been:


By @AdvisorNews1

“…It is often strategy that separates success from failure, said Chip Roame, managing partner of Tiburon Strategic Advisors. In particular 11 things that an advisor needs to figure out in order to be a success — eight tactics and three strategies...”


Adapting Advisory Teams To A Hybrid Office/Home Workplace
By @MichaelKitces

This a really thoughtful article covering leadership and management issues, how to maintain productivity and culture all while keeping the output at the level you’re aiming for…



The Eight Pillars Of Trust
By @RiskInfoNZnews

A great summary of an MDRT presentation on how the required levels of trust have evolved in recent years, and what is required these days for a trusted relationship with a financial adviser….


7 Proven Ways To Attract And Keep Repeat Customers
By @REVEchat

Excellent article with loads of suggestions on how to lift service and comms levels to get repeat customers – well worth the read!


Wealth Managers Need To “Democratize” Their Services If They Are To Survive
By @FintechCH

“…the wealth management sector faces deep structural margin and transformation pressures, rooted in a mix of rapidly changing client demands, tighter regulations and new, fiercer competition from a combination of fintechs, neo-banks and ‘big tech’ all trying to gain a foothold in the market…”


Share them around please…they are too good to keep to yourself!  


P.S.  My best this week?  I think it was

The Value Of The Financial Planner: Fixing finances, the future and feelings

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