Big Ticks: The Best Stories For Professional Advisers This Week
Tony's BIG ticks

Big Ticks: The Best Stories For Professional Advisers This Week

April 4, 2020
by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo 

Information, ideas, tips…the articles for professional advisers which I spotted this week that generate fresh thinking or a deeper understanding of issues are provided here as a quick readers digest for professionals who are looking ahead.

These are the highlights from the week that you should stop and read, as they are the best I’ve seen.

There is so much good information for professional services made available each week, much of which I share, that it is very easy to forget to pause and reflect.

Each week I select the best handful and give them Tony’s BIG Ticks as being the ones that made me pause and reflect, or think further.   They are sometimes thought-provoking, perhaps insightful, maybe a great sales or marketing idea or sometimes just incredibly topical.

The picks for professionals have been:
By @RobertCialdini

The “Godfather Of Influence” shares some great tips on how to use the science of persuasion to change behaviours…a very useful article!




6 Steps In COVID-19 Emergency Plans For Companies
By @FirstlinksAUS

No matter how big or small your business is, this is a very practical article with a detailed plan on the steps you should consider taking to handle this (or perhaps “any”) emergency…


Crafting A Communications Matrix To Refine Client Communications For Stronger Relationships
By @MichaelKitces

very useful insights from some research which “shares the results of the recent YCharts Advisor-Client Communication Report, surveying over 650 financial planning clients about the frequency of advisor communication they receive, how they prefer to receive it, and the impact that communication has on whether or not to choose to stay with their financial advisors…


The Two Pandemics
By @FAmagazine

Robert Shiller gives a great explanation about what we are really dealing with here:

“…We are feeling the anxiety effects of not one pandemic but two. First, there is the COVID-19 pandemic, which makes us anxious because we, or people we love, anywhere in the world, might soon become gravely ill and even die. And, second, there is a pandemic of anxiety about the economic consequences of the first....”


How To Keep Uninvited Guests Out Of Your Zoom Event
By @Zoom_us

A very timely tip…but tune into their Twitter account as well if you are using Zoom as they are constantly tweaking this booming conferencing platform…


Share them around please…they are too good to keep to yourself!  


P.S.  My best this week?  I think it was

Innovation In Financial Advice Delivery: “Why does it have to be this way?”

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