Be Prepared To Get The 80% Of Practice Revenue That Is Just Waiting For You
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Be Prepared To Get The 80% Of Practice Revenue That Is Just Waiting For You

May 8, 2019
by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo 

You know that there is a good chance that something like 80% of your practice revenue will come from about 20% of your clients…but do you leave that to chance?


We are talking about your best clients of course being that 20% who produce the lion’s share of the income, so it is highly likely that you are in regular contact with them, and they are satisfied, and you are doing the basics well enough already.


But how can you make sure those top clients do give you the revenue you are anticipating?

Prepare for it thoughtfully


By thinking about each of the clients and answering a series of questions before you talk to them you can ensure that you are on the right wavelength and walk into your meetings with these clients with a clear idea of the issues, the opportunities for everyone, and plan for how the engagement with these top clients is going to play out.


…watch the video to learn how to get that 80% of revenue… 


[wpvideo 4k4y66g7]

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