Be like George…share your story!
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Be like George...share your story!

August 26, 2016

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

your storyProfessionals should take a leaf out of George’s playbook and share their story.


Be like George.


Who is George?


He’s just a young man who is trying to get ahead in life and who took the initiative to get out and start marketing himself – and is doing it very well.


I don’t actually know George, but gee he’s impressed me.  We’ve never met or spoken but I am a fan.  He’s a go-getter, not a blame-layer.  He’s ambitious, but with a work ethic and strong values.  He wants people to give him a go, and he’s tough enough to put himself out there and risk constant rejection or ridicule.


So why draw your attention to a young bloke I’ve never met, and who by his own account is not likely to end up in professional services as a career path?  And how is that I form all these opinions about him when I’ve never met him?


Because he tells a powerful story.

That story and the presentation of the person behind the business idea is where the impact comes from.  Frankly, Garden Boy George is marketing himself better than most professionals I know.  So much for book learning huh?

Garden Boy George

Check out his website if you want to see a great example of someone telling the story of themselves and their business…


There is a lot of cleverness in this example of telling your story to connect with the market.  But it strikes me as clever honesty – not hyperbole and “marketing spin”.


He creates an immediate impression with a simple and bold “thank you” right up front, that shows some understanding of his audience. People don’t have time to read every flyer that turns up in their letterbox, right?  So he acknowledges and thanks those that do take the time to do so.  That combined with “real” photo’s – definitely not photo-shopped or stock images – and you have an immediate sense of someone being “the real deal”.


Turn the page and the first thing that hits me is classic song lyrics as an intro:


Garden Boy George“when I think back on all the crap I learned in high school, it’s a wonder I can think at all….”


Simon & Garfunkel.  Brilliant.  Music of my generation and my parents generation. Not music of his generation I’m pretty sure (as I have a couple of his generation in the house and they wouldn’t have a clue who Simon and Garfunkel are, even though I listen to it).



Why does this matter?  He is reaching across the generations and connecting beautifully with the target market.  The people who are going to hire this young man to work around their properties are people like me, not people of his generation. WE recognise the lyrics and the layers of meaning behind them and it throws us back to a time when we were his age and shared some similar thoughts….suddenly we get him, because he gets us.


Brilliant.  We’re connecting.  Without have spoken a word to each other.


Then the actually story begins, with a bit of true confession.  It is the sort of true confession stuff that some people might think a little bit embarrassing perhaps, and therein lies the ring of truth.  He’s real.


Garden Boy GeorgeGeorge’s story, complete with highlighting his Grandad’s influence, resonates.  It resonates in part because it taps into the image of how Kiwi’s see themselves, and the values they respect, together with the right balance of humility.  The very values that the target market respect (in the main) are captured and reflected.


What’s not to like about the young bloke?


If you want someone to come around and work on your yard and garden then surely this is the sort of lad that deserves an opportunity…and Kiwi’s love underdogs coming up winners.  So there’s this subtle little feeling tucked away in the back of your ego that says something like “and wouldn’t it be cool if giving him a bit of business helped turn him into a great business success story?  Because just between me and the mirror we could claim a little bit of credit couldn’t we? Yeah, we helped make that happen“.  And there’s another whole new layer of “feel good”.



So for all the professionals who are wondering how to stand out in a crowded market and connect with their target market, check out George’s website and story. Hell…just hire him to come and do some work and talk to the lad himself.  It could be the best money you ever spend on marketing – and I’m pretty confident that your garden will look better too.


Work out your story.  Pitch it to the target market.  Share your story.  Hustle.  Be human.  Connect.


Be like George.


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