An old-school attention-grabbing technique that still works!
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An old-school attention-grabbing technique that still works!

November 14, 2018

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

In the bid to cut through the clutter and noise that surrounds prospects today we often overlook the simple things that used to work – and still will work if we use them.  In fact, arguably some of the old-school marketing techniques are potentially more useful in the digital world simply because they do now stand out as unusual – which is one of the keys to getting positive attention.


One of the old fashioned methods of getting a prospects attention, and creating some interest or intrigue immediately, is to use a targeted and creative pre-approach mail item.

It actually works if it is done well.


Apart from helping to drive an advisers basic activity by creating initial conversations with potential clients (which is always a plus!) it differentiates the adviser and creates the framework for a successful introduction and discussion about how the adviser might be able to provide value.


In this video we discuss how to do it and why it works IF it is done well…and how it can create opportunities for busy professionals to initiate business discussions with busy prospects.


watch the video to learn more…


[wpvideo ZGyo4Qoj]



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