A financial advisers best weapon?
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A financial advisers best weapon?

February 3, 2013

by Tony Vidler

One of the most powerful weapons in an advisers armory is the Client Meeting Agenda.

Yet, so few use them regularly….

The client meeting agenda sets up the entire professional relationship – not just the next hour or so that you happen to be with a client.

  • It minimises business risk for the adviser by ensuring that critical steps are not inadvertently missed.
  • It manages client expectations. It ensures that clients understand their role in the business relationship – and what is expected of them if it is all to work well.
  • It paves the way for clear and effective engagement instructions – where everybody knows precisely what is to be be done, and what the next steps are.

If you don’t currently have, or use, a Client Meeting Agenda, then you should watch Tony’s quick tips on what the agenda should include, and how to use it.

A client meeting agenda is professional, and it is powerful. Perhaps the most powerful weapon a financial adviser has.

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Comments (14)

  • Good item Tony – like the video.

    Best regards


    David Whyte http://www.dcwhyte.com Mob:- 0220606117

    David Whyte
  • Very practical advice. Thanks, Tony.

    Tina Chen
    • Thanks Tina – glad you enjoyed it. I intend doing the “Tony’s quick tips” video blog post once a fortnight (expensive to produce!) – so stay tuned…and feel free to send in suggestions for anything you’d particularly like covered.

  • Hi Tony, great video and wonderful message you are transferring! Well done…Femke

  • Great video Tony…have restarted utilising our agenda.

    David Bourke
    • Thanks David, glad you enjoyed it. I began using an agenda well over 10 years ago at EVERY meeting – it makes a difference!

  • Tony

    Excellent contant, punchy and relavent.

    Gavin Austin
  • Tony, this is great stuff. I look after the compliance for a lot of smaller AFSLs and will forward this to them as a good guide to follow. Look forward to crossing paths one of these days.

    Brett Walker
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